The better news is that I can help you through the process of Uncovery so you get to experience the dream life you crave and know you deserve. I’m ready when you are.

If you are looking to make a change, you actually already have – that’s the good news.


The Uncovery Method is a guided, trusted, three phase process of discovery, recovery and uncovery revealing exactly who we are and who we are meant to become regardless of where we find ourselves now.

I am a personal development expert specialising in getting the “Still Stuck” “Un-stuck”.

As Seen In:

It has all the markers of Stuck; anxiety, malaise, frustration, disappointment but with an added dose of Shame. The Stuck may say, “How did I end up here?” The Still Stuck take it up a notch by saying, “How did I end up here again?”
Again. That’s the difference. One small word that brings our hopes, dreams and possibilities to a crashing demise.
Again was a word I used often. I used to be a Still Stuck. For me it sounded like this:

"I thought I was past this."
"Why do I always end up in this situation?"
"Why does this always happen to me?"
"Another Day 1."
"I’ll start again tomorrow."

Until I figured it out. 

There is a special place in my heart for those that are “Still Stuck”.

Several years ago I saw a pattern emerge. I noticed that The Still Stuck are among the most selfless, interesting, nurturing, vibrant, empathic, multi-faceted, educated or talented people out there.

Why is that? This single question began a relentless study and analysis of behaviour, attachment, mindset, beliefs, core values, conditioning and media. I compiled my findings into a coaching method that has proven itself viable in 1:1 sessions, guided self-study and when combined, is life coaching on steroids.