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... an innovative initiative launched in 2022 to inspire and support women in transforming their relationship with alcohol and she developed the first women’s empowerment app through the lend of alcohol-free living, The Uncovery App. Lindsay's multifaceted career spans personal development coaching, executive leadership, the performing arts, and public advocacy.

Lindsay Sutherland Boal is a dynamic and accomplished professional dedicated to empowering women and fostering positive change, particularly in the realm of those women who have experienced alcohol use disorder (AUD). She is the founder of She Walks Canada (SWC)...

Innovative Leader

SWC has conducted over 500 group coaching sessions, benefiting more than 1,200 participants from 10 provinces, territories, and five countries. These sessions are led by certified life and recovery coaches who possess a deep, personal understanding of overcoming AUD.

✔ Group Coaching Sessions

SWC organized two major virtual walks—“The Virtual Cross Canada Walk” in 2022, which collectively covered 22,267 kilometers, and “The Virtual Walk Around The Globe” in 2023, totaling 40,070 kilometers. These events drew participation from over 500 individuals. In 2024, we pivoted to live in-person walks. Our community came together to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. Together, there were 895 registrants for 251 walks with 38 Walk Leaders in 38 city locations across North America.

✔ Virtual Walks

The initiative has gained substantial recognition through national and regional televised news features, extensive coverage in print media, magazine articles, and appearances on podcasts in the United States and Canada.

✔ Media Recognition

SWC has assisted more than 15,000 women in their journeys to overcome overdrinking and has raised over $43,000 to fund ongoing development of programming and resources.

✔ Support and Fundraising

Introduction of the Author’s Series significantly increased viewership, allowing participants to engage with internationally acclaimed authors and influential figures in the sober community.

✔ Educational Podcast

She Walks Canada

As Seen In:

Lindsay identified significant gaps in support for individuals, particularly women with mild to moderate problematic drinking habits. Through SWC’s messaging and support programs, the number of women receiving help and support has doubled.

✔ Identifying Support Gaps

Lindsay launched an inclusivity campaign to engage women classified as “mild to moderate” problem drinkers, resulting in a 79% increase in engagement and expanding the community significantly.

✔ Inclusivity Campaign

Lindsay’s advocacy work has been featured in national syndication, because of her messaging focused on early onset AUD in women.

✔ Media + Healthcare Collaboration

Advocacy and Public Speaking

Professional Background

Lindsay specializes in helping individuals break free from stagnation and achieve their full potential through her "Uncovery Method," which involves phases of community, connection, and coaching.

✔ Personal Empowerment Coach

Lindsay had a successful career as a professional opera singer and actor before transitioning into her current roles. Her artistic background adds a unique dimension to her coaching and public speaking.

✔ Opera Singer and Actor

Lindsay held an executive position at Urban Outline Building Group in relationship development, showcasing her versatility in different professional environments while building sustainable, profitable mutually beneficial relationships.

✔ Executive Leadership

Lindsay’s education includes studies at institutions such as Brandon University, the Vancouver Academy of Music, Toronto Film School, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and others. This diverse academic background has equipped her with a wide range of skills and knowledge.

✔ Extensive Studies

Currently, Lindsay has developed The Uncovery App, a unique women’s only app dedicated to empowering women who have overcome over-drinking through three core pillars: community, coaching, and connection. The app will provide educational content, masterclasses, and a robust community engagement platform aiding in the journey through sober curiosity, sobriety and alcohol free living.

Innovative Solutions: The Uncovery App

Overcoming Over-Drinking App

Lindsay Sutherland Boal’s journey is a testament to the power of transformation, resilience, innovation, and community. Through her work with She Walks Canada, the Uncovery Method, and various advocacy initiatives, she continues to make a significant impact on the lives of many, particularly women seeking to change their relationship with alcohol.

Lindsay’s dedication to inclusivity and support for mild to moderate problem drinkers underscores her commitment to addressing critical gaps in the treatment and support frameworks for AUD.

Lindsay’s contributions have not only helped numerous individuals but have also brought about a shift in how society views and supports women dealing with alcohol use disorder. Her innovative approaches and dedication to empowerment make her a pivotal figure in this field.